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ISRAEL: Timepiece for the Nations

Eretz Israel... "Timepiece for the nations." Join us for an overview of Biblical Israel, covering her troubled past and her glorious future. From the Jewish wars of the second century to the war of Independence in 1948, Israel's rise on the geopolitical scene has been sovereignly led by God and predicted by the prophets. Find out more at ISRAEL: Timepiece for the Nations.

  • Four-week class, starting January 7 (5p in H3)
  • Registration required (class is full)
  • If you have questions about this class, contact Leah at 928.445.1421 x1029
Ascent: What We Believe & Why It Matters

You don't need to go away to Bible School to be grounded in the basic doctrines and theology of our faith, nor do you need to spend hours (and lots of money!) in online classes. Ascent is designed to provide an introductory-level Bible education right on our campus!

  • Winter session begins January 9 (you don't have to have attended prior sessions to participate)
  • Registration required
  • Meets on Tuesdays (6:30-8p) at Heights Church, building H2
  • If you have questions about this ministry, contact Leah Brinser