Nursery Weekend Services

Babies enjoy the themed and engaging environment while they feel God’s love and care from the nursery staff. Our nursery and toddler rooms are comfortable and full of clean and fun things with which to touch, hold, and play. Parents can focus on the worship service and rest assured in the safety of our secure Check-In and parent pager alert system.

Ages & Locations

Infants-Crawlers, 0-12 months


Worship Center Lobby

Walkers-Toddlers, 12-24 months


Worship Center Lobby 

What to Bring

  • Two to three diapers (or pull-ups)
  • One change of clothes
  • Pacifiers or other comforting items
  • Bottle of milk, formula, water, or juice
  • Please do not bring toys or snacks

Next Steps


Parent Child Dedications Safety & Security, Sickness, Food Policies
Volunteer in the Nursery Safety Check-In Registration Form