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Independent Living Closet & Mentor Program


The Department of Child Safety has and Independent Living Program for youth that are aging out of the foster care system.  They have asked the churches to be involved with helping those youth get established on their own.  There are two ways to partner with this ministry:

Independent Living Closet

This year we have launched the IL Closet, which provides the necessities for starting up a home to youth who have aged out of the system.  This closet allows these youth to come and pick out some of their most-needed items for their new apartments/dorms/etc.  We collect all new towels, dishes, sheets and pillows, cleaning supplies, utensils and small appliances for the youth to pick from.

Independent Living Mentor Program

As part of the Independent Living Program, all of the youth need to be connected to a Community Advisor, who can help them learn basic skills, be available if they need something, and speak into their lives.  We started the IL Mentor Program as a way for the people in our church to step into that Community Advisor role and act as a mentor for the youth.  Each match would be selected by the youth themselves, and to become a mentor, you will need to go through the DCS volunteer training program.  This is a great way for us as believers to be a blessing and light to the at-risk youth in our community.