Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a small group of around 8-14 people who are journeying together in their pursuit of Jesus. Each group looks a little different, but all groups have a trained leader and typically study God’s Word together each week. In addition, many groups serve together, they support each other through the challenges life brings, and simply enjoy the world that God has created with one another. 

How important are Life Groups?

Here at Heights, we truly believe that community groups are the foundation of the church. When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He responded that it was all about our relationship with God and with those around us. Jesus Himself invested most of His time into a small group of people. He ate with them, travelled with them, prayed with them, read Scripture with them, and really just lived life with them. God created us with a need for each other, so we believe that life groups are incredibly important. 

When and where do they meet?

We have groups that meet every day of the week except for Saturday. Our groups meet in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Paulden, Dewey, and Kirkland. The groups typically meet in the leader’s home, but we also have groups that meet in coffee shops, at the church campus, and in restaurants.

How long are the sessions?

We have a fall, winter and spring life group sessions each year and each session lasts around 10 weeks.

How long is the meeting time each week?

The average weekly group gathering lasts around 2 hours, but each group is a little different. 

What is the required commitment?

In order for strong and healthy relationships to be made, people have to be committed to their group. Due to the fact that we always have a waiting list for people to get into groups, we ask that anyone who is signing up is able to commit to making a minimum of 80% of the group gatherings. In addition, you need to be committed to completing the study ahead of time which normally takes about 30 minutes. 

What will we study?

Most of our groups go through a sermon-based study that covers the same topics that are discussed during our weekend services. However, these studies look at the topic from a unique perspective. Other groups are going through studies on various books of the Bible, marriage, parenting, or a variety of topical book studies. 

What does it cost?

Life Groups are free and we even provide the studies.   

Is childcare provided?

Some groups do provide childcare. You can use the FIND A GROUP childcare filter to see which groups provide it or you can call the office at 928.445.1421 x1023.

How do I choose a group?

There are a few different ways to choose a group. You can view the different groups online, read the group’s bio, and then pick the group that you think would fit you best. Or, if you would like to speak to one of our life group staff members you can call the office and we would be more than happy to help you select the best available group for you. The first group you try might not be the perfect one—no worries though, because you can always switch groups when the session is done if you think there is a better fit. 

How do I sign up for a life group?

We hold Life Group sign-ups in the lobby three different weekends each year. During these weekends, we provide a list of all of the available groups and their information. Once you have picked your group, you can either sign up in the Worship Center lobby or call the office and if there are still openings we can sign you up over the phone.  

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