Healthy marriages are integral to strong families and churches as they reflect Jesus' love for the church. Your marriage will be strengthened and enriched by getting involved in these classes and events.




"Millions of couples getting married have pledged to 'love and to cherish, until death do us part.' Most of us understand and get the love part... but what does it mean to cherish our spouse?" Based on Gary Thomas' book, this six-session video-based study teaches couples through real-life scenarios and personal stories what it means to really cherish one another.  

  • 6-week class, Sundays at 12p (beginning on April 8, 2018) 
  • Registration required 
  • $11 workbook fee
  • Contact: Leah at 928.445.1421 x1029

Sacred Marriage

What if God designed marriage to make you holy more than to make you happy? Based on Gary Thomas' book, Sacred Marriage, this class will help you discover biblical truths that will enhance your marriage, help you love your spouse more completely, and open a doorway to a closer walk with God. Helpful for every stage of married life. 

  • 6-week class, Sundays 12p (began February 4, 2018) 
  • Registration required 
  • $12 workbook fee
  • Contact: Leah at 928.445.1421 x1029

Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts

This class will help you establish the insights and skills needed to face the unique challenges of remarriage. We will use biblical principles to cultivate a healthy, satisfying, and enduring marriage.

  • 5-week class 
  • $35 book fee
  • Contact Scott & Nancy Morgan at 760.994.8687 or
  • Scott & Nancy are available for one-on-one sessions by appointment

Mentoring Couples

This is a group of “seasoned” Christ-centered couples that have been married for at least twenty-five years or more. These couples will come along side newly married couples to share their life experiences of how to have a strong, healthy marriage. 

Marriage Counseling

If you would like to have marriage counseling (whether you've been married a few months or many years), please contact for a one-on-one appointment.