...with the Heights

Welcome Dessert

New to Heights Church? Spend a fun, relaxed evening getting to know Heights, some of its leadership, and other people new to the Heights Community. This is a great opportunity to meet people, ask some questions, and find out what next steps are available at Heights.

  • Next Dessert: TBA
  • On the Heights Campus
  • Kids welcome
  • To sign up, call us at 928.445.1421 or register online
...with Baptism

Baptism Class

Want to be baptized or need to better understand what this step in following Jesus is all about? Come get a better understanding of what baptism is and why followers of Jesus are called to do it. All may attend, whether you haven’t been baptized and want to be, or if you are seeking to learn more of what the Bible says. This required class will be offered several weeks before the regularly scheduled Baptism weekends.

..with your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gift Discovery

Want to discover and develop your spiritual gifts? Don’t miss the Spiritual Gift Discovery workshops that allow you to zero in on your God-given gifts and then find the right place to put them to use!