Jesus and Cultural Outsiders

Mike Gaston / February 12, 2017

Us against them. The good guys vs. the bad guys. It seems to be in our nature to identify with a group, and paint those outside the group as the enemy. We see it all around us, in our world, in our town, maybe even in our families. Should we be different? Jesus was different; He loved people He was supposed to hate, and challenged people He was supposed to agree with. With our last week of this series, Mike focuses on Jesus' final instructions to His disciples before His crucifixion and our relationship to cultural outsiders in light of those instructions. (If you're following the series study guide, the entire guide is available under "Downloads" on the banner above.)

Messages in the Series

Title Media Date Speaker
Jesus and Cultural Outsiders
02/12/17 Mike Gaston
Outsiders Like Him
02/05/17 Ron Merrell
Remember Who You Are
01/29/17 Shawn McBride
God is For Us
01/22/17 John Challinor
Friend of Sinners
01/15/17 Ron Merrell